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Open Body Trucks & Containers We also works with open body trucks and containers From Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh , Bihar , Bengal & Assam .(ALL OVER INDIA & NEPAL)

Was Our Solution Best?

RK Roadlines team came out with a unique solution to use JN Port as the destination port to unload the liquid bitumen from the Ship Tanker. In order to do so, they had to take permission at the port to allow the Ship Tanker to berth. Also unloading of infrastructure was arranged to ensure quick and round-the- clock support to discharge the bitumen while ensuring that there was no spillage on the Jetty and the Port, which is one of the crucial and mandatory requirement of the Port. The Logistics challenge was to feed the Ship Tanker round-the-clock Truck Tanker to ensure that there is no idle time of the ship and the port. This is while completing Customs Clearance well within time so that unloading permission is granted on arrival of Ship Tanker and Truck Tankers are immediately out of the Port directly to the construction site..

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Was Our Solution Best?

The complete operation of loading more than 1000 MT of bitumen onto 65 Truck Tankers in a row was done within 24 Hrs, a record feat by RK Roadlines team. All safety compliance was adhered and the operation was completed with no accidents / incidents.